The Story

In the not too distant future, most humans have escaped earth for a new life on Mars. Being top of the food chain - big cats from the Panther family have evolved to take over.

As they began to imitate humans in their behaviour and style and stopped living in the wild - they came to be known as 'posh' Panthers ....

The Posh Panthers Polo Club (PPPC) is a community of 7,777 of the coolest and most degenerate aristo-cats left on earth. Like humans before them, they meet exclusively at the Polo Club. The PPPC NFT is your exclusive membership to the club and future Game dedicated to their story

Follow our Twitter page @poshpantherspc to get details of how you can get a whitelist spot. With over 300 character traits, your unique NFT avatar will be your key to future utility.


Ownership: PPPC NFT holders will have ownership and commercial rights to the artwork on their NFTs subject to our terms of sale
In game rewards in PPPC game: PPPC holders have in game rewards in the futire PPPC game(s).
Giveaways/Airdops: We will provide giveaways, mint passes and airdrops for PPPC holders.
Merch & Community: Exclusive discounted access to future Posh Panthers Polo Club Merchandise (digital/physical)
Whitelisting: PPPC holders will be whitelisted for all future Posh Panther editions
Lower Gas Fees: PPPC NFTs are based on the ERC-721 A smart contract which allows lower gas fees for primary and secondary sales
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Artist- HappyFarai

I am a British Zimbabwean multimedia artist, software developer and entreprenuer. I have been an artist since i could pick up a pencil

Posh Panthers were a result of my lifelong passion for African wildlife. My late Grandfather was a rural farmer/hunter and adventurer in Zimbabwe. In his youth, my grandfather hunted and tracked animals. I grew up hearing many tales and of his exploits and encounters with Lions, Leopards and other wild animals. The area where my family comes from has the highest concentration of african panthers (i.e. lions and leopards) in Zimbabwe.

Panthers are in my lifestory - it was destiny for me to create a whole multi-verse of panthers!

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Meet The Team

Meet the team that is behind the Posh Panthers Polo Club. As we grow we will add other team members and partners

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Chief Creative Officer

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Kelly Chambers

Dapp Developer & Blockchain Specialist

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Interactive Tech Ltd

App & Game Development

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Kathy Muchenje

Social/Community Engagement


Posh Panthers replaced humans after succesfully evolving from wild panthers - namely Lions, Leopards, Tigers and Jaguars and their cousins the Cheetah.

They came to be known as 'Posh' because they began to imitate human beings in all ways including style, dressing and behaviour!

You can purchase a Posh Panther from CNFT.IO by following this link;

You’ll need to create an account and connect your wallet. You can then select the Posh Panther you wish to purchase and click ‘Buy Now’ if the owner is selling it.

48 ADA (+ fees).
Every PPPC NFT is unique. They’re made up of 300 unique traits. There are three classes of NFT - common, rare and legendary.

Every PPPC NFT brings the owner great utility in the form of early, exclusive access to the PPPC game, Giveaways,Airdrops, Collaborations and WhiteListing for upcoming projects.

Despite some Posh Panthers being rarer than others, they all bring the same benefits.

Yes. If you follow our Twitter page, retweet a post and tag at least three people you will get a whitelist.

We are a small project funded by the artist HappyFarai. We need to charge royalties on PPPC NFT sales in order to:

  • manage the growth and sustain the Posh Panthers Polo Club as a project
  • develop the game that is the main utility of our project
  • enhance the utility that we provide to our NFT Holders
  • service and reward our Posh Polo Club community
  • foster continuous innovation and improvement in our project and future related collections

We charge a royalty of 6%. As we grow and develop alternative income streams we will reduce this royalty aiming for 0%.